problem configure gnucash with slackware..

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Jun 26 12:00:29 EDT 2006

"ekto" <ekarudito at> writes:

> i am using.. 1.8.11

I recommend you go with 1.9.x at this point instead of
working hard to build 1.8.11.   Besides, if you're building
1.8.x you should build 1.8.12.  Still, 2.0 is imminent --
you should really consider building the newer version.

> iam still confuse
> i have try to folowing the tutorial
> but i still missing because i have install with tgz 
> package...

go to the wiki and follow the BUILDING instructions...

> but error configure say's that is missing lib...

What lib?
*looks into his crystal ball to divine your error*
Sorry, outlook fuzzy.  Please try again.

> then i need question if we compiling this app like gtkhtml
> what we must be fill on this prefix or we not fill this 
> prefix..?
> so gnucash can find the lib that using configure...

Try using a real distribution?  I hear Gentoo lets you
build all your software AND it has a real packaging system
for you, too!

Seriously, I can't even articulate how frustrated I am with
Slackware users.  I think that the VAST majority of "help me
build gnucash" comes from Slackware users!  Why is that?
Sure, we get lots of questions from other distributions, but
generally it's a quick "you're missing X -- go install it"
and that's it.  They're done.   Slackware users seem to need
a lot of hand holding.  It's VERY frustrating.

> regards ...
> eka

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