side-by-side 1.8.12 and 1.9.8

Richard Kleeman kleeman at
Sat Jun 24 16:06:15 EDT 2006

The package was created using checkinstall so does not have any 
specified dependencies. Install it using:

sudo dpkg -i gnucash-1.9.8_1.9.8-1_i386.deb

If you have any problems with missing libraries then use the package 
contents section of to find the additional 
packages you need. My old gnucash (1.8.12) seems fine but I would back 
up my accounts to be really sure....


David Van Maren wrote:
> On Friday 23 June 2006 10:00, Richard Kleeman wrote:
>> I built a standalone deb with checkinstall which you can run side by
>> side with the standard Dapper gnucash. Get it here:
>> 86.deb
>> It does nothing to the old gnucash and can be executed as follows:
>> /usr/local/bin/gnucash
> This sounds perfect.
> But I just downloaded it, and had aptitude look at installing it, and it 
> brought with it a request to install *lots* of other packages, most of 
> which appeared to be linux-kernel-2.4-related (I run a 2.6 kernel).
> I then told aptitude to *not* install them, and it does not seem to think 
> that will cause any problems, but it concerns me that this package does 
> not bring with it any other dependencies (that I can tell).
> I thought there would be some other ones that it would insist upon.  I 
> guess I'm not sure what a "standalone deb" really is, given how aptitude 
> makes a big deal out of dependencies.
> Are you still confident that it is correct?  Aptitude seems dead-set on 
> warning me that you are "an untrusted source" -- can anyone else on the 
> list vouch for you?  ;-)
> Thanks
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