Loan Payments

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Thu Mar 2 12:16:42 EST 2006

On 3/2/06, Josh Sled <jsled at> wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-03-02 at 07:40 -0600, David Berg wrote:
> > That would be fine except I'd like the intrest/principle calculated
> > automatically.  Right now the only way I can see to have the intrest
> > recorded properly is to calculate it by hand each month.
> What formulae are you using to calculate it?  Can you use the

Principal is say 5000.  I am making payments of $200 each month and it
has a 5% interest rate.  So the first payment is 5000*.05/12 = $20.83
intrest and $200-20.83=$179.17 principle.  This runs until the payment
is between 200 and 300 then I pay the full balance.  I don't know the
exact formula for payment n off the top of my head.  I certainly can
figure it out if necessary though.

> Mortgage/Loan druid to setup the basic structure of the SXes, then
> replace the generated expressions with your calculations, either w/in
> the druid or in the SX editor afterwards?

That is what I'm asking.  I've never found any documentation for what
the various arguments to the ppmt and ipmt functions are.  I know that
I could just go through and read the source but I'd rather not have to
if somebody already knows what they are.  Its looking more and more
like that is the easiest way to go though.

> Also, you should file an RFE against this (if one doesn't already exist,
> which I don't believe it does).

Headed to find the site where I do this now.


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