Report print fonts too big in version 1.9.2

José Troncoso troncoso at
Tue Mar 7 06:16:05 EST 2006


Two days ago I asked for help to change the size of report print fonts in 
version 1.9.1. With version 1.9.2 the fonts are still too big, so, for 
example, the advanced portfolio report doesn't fit in one A4-sized page.

This time I've installed Gnucash under Mandriva Linux 2005 with Gnome, and 
I've searched everywhere in the Gnome control center, the Gconf tree, the 
Gnome documentation and the Internet for a way to change the default font 
used by the current version of gtkhtml, but found nothing.

It is certainly an issue of gtkhtml, not GnuCash, as Derek said ("we just call 
into gtkhtml and gnome-print, and they pull their configurations from gnome 
control center"), so I must apologize for bringing this up here again, but at 
the same time I can't help thinking that this is a problem that, unless a 
solution is found, will affect many users of the future stable version of 

José Troncoso

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