sorting account Register on Transfer/account column

TyrusMaynard mayn at
Wed Mar 15 15:44:50 EST 2006

Oops_ I am learning that reply to a post on this list requires intentional reply 
  the list address it is:

>>   As long as an Edited transaction behaves as double entry, why should the user 
>>be limited from using "OtherAccount(Transfer)" as a choice of sorting in a 
>>  As for the concept of a "Pooled Register" ....a Checking Account  is already a 
>>defacto "Pool" of most transactions and most transactions are "unsplit". As for 
>>the smaller world of "split" transactions ...a convention can be achieved for 
>>the display and sorting on "Transfer account" when the Transfer is "split".
> What you are looking for, it appears, is Tools->General Ledger. That shows "every" transaction and is a "pooled" register. The problem there is that every transaction in the general ledger has two accounts or more. There is no "other" account, so sorting the general ledger by account is a problem.
> I think what you are looking for is a way to sort your checking account by "other account" with a convention that every transaction that has more than 1 "other account" be handled in a special way, perhaps by grouping them all together at the bottom or top of the list? or sub sorting them by each line in the "other accounts"? 
> What you maybe fail to realize is that lots of us use gnucash for small business and in small business, multiple splits in a transaction are fairly common. When I run a transaction report sorted by "other account" 1/4 or more of those transactions end up in the "split" category, so its not of much use. However, what you are proposing is certainly reasonable and probably useful to others. You should file a "feature request" in bugzilla stating something like "add a sort option to the register to sort by 'other account'" and maybe someone will do it.

Thanks (to Andrew)
for  pointing  out that Tools>GeneralLedger is truly the ultimate "Pooled
Register ...and as you point out it also cannot be sorted on Other Account
(since it is not a register of "AN" account it has no concept of "SelfAccount"
from which to distinguish "Other")
   "Other" is a concept which is neutral being neither Debit or Credit.

For a  logical display of general ledger I would be seeking

  Primary sort by: 2 indexes merged
  Debit account name MERGED With Credit Account Name

  Secondary sort by:  Date

     Note that this merged dual index has regions with "AN" account name which
knows "Self" and can distinquish "Other"
   If that is true than it would be interesting to have the ability to display
the General ledger as either Double entry or "Other" (only based upon the known
merged index)

If this has been coherent, thanks for steering my words


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