sorting account Register on Transfer/account column

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> Oops_ I am learning that reply to a post on this list requires intentional reply 
>   the list address it is:


> For a  logical display of general ledger I would be seeking
>   Primary sort by: 2 indexes merged
>   Debit account name MERGED With Credit Account Name
>   Secondary sort by:  Date
>      Note that this merged dual index has regions with "AN" account name which
> knows "Self" and can distinquish "Other"
>    If that is true than it would be interesting to have the ability to display
> the General ledger as either Double entry or "Other" (only based upon the known
> merged index)

this is fairly clear, and if its functionality you want to see in gnucash and can't do it yourself, then as I suggested, file a feature request so it doesn't get lost. Maybe someday, you'll see it...

> If this has been coherent, thanks for steering my words

your welcome.


> Ty
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