gnucash, Finance:Quote, and own module

David Hampton hampton-gnucash at
Fri Mar 17 00:27:30 EST 2006

On Thu, 2006-03-16 at 23:04 +0100, Klaus Dahlke wrote:

> after having trouble with from the recent Finance:Quote

There was an updated module posted on the Finance::Quote mailing
list a couple of weeks ago.  I haven't committed it yet to CVS because
I've been focusing on gnucash.  From the poster's comments, the problem
was the advertising on the site.

> I wrote a small own module for Finance::Quote where I collect the
> from other sources (like the price pages from the respective fond
> The module is called, located in the same directory as the
> modules for Finance::Quote, and after 'export FQ_LOAD_QUOTELET=Custom'
> command 'perl custom xxxxx' produces the desired result. 

Could you clean this up and sumbit it to the F::Q site on sourceforge?
Other users might use the same fund companies.

> I just compiled gnucash-1.92 for test purposes. Unfortunately, in the 
> drop-down list to assign an external source to a commodity only the 
> standard modules from Finance:Quote show up, but not an entry like 
> 'custom'. 

Gnucash 1.9.x retrieves the list of quote sources from F::Q and compares
them against a know list.  Sources gnucash knows about that have been
removed from F::Q are disabled, and sources added to F::Q will be

> Where can I include my into the selection list 
> within gnucash? Copying the content into an existing module (e.g.
> and assigning 'Deka' as the source to the commodities delivers the
> results. But I'd like to have the link from the commodity definition
to my 
> module to not run into problems when Finance::QUote gets an

Not going to happen because of what I said above.  You can either modify
F::Q, or modify both F::Q and Gnucash.  Just modifying gnucash won't buy
you anything except an insensitive menu item.  By far the easiest thing
to do is to modify the file Finance/ in your installation and
add your module name to the list of modules near line 170.  F::Q will
then report its existence to gnucash, and gnucash 1.9.x will
automatically add it to the list of available quote sources.


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