Printing full hierarchy of accounts and subaccounts - Thank you

Katharine Timberlake katharine.timberlake at
Fri Mar 17 14:36:47 EST 2006

> Quoting Katharine Timberlake <katharine.timberlake at>:
>> Please, is there any way that I can print a full view of my account 
>> tree structure? The option to print is not available in account tree 
>> view, and the account summary does not show the full hierarchy of my 
>> subaccounts.
> Derek Atkins wrote:
> Did you go into the report options and set the Account Depth on
> the Account page in the report?
No, I had been looking in preferences as I sometimes have a blind eye to
the toolbars, and it took me some time to find the Options button! A
marvellous tool and once again I am impressed! Thank you.


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