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David Herman <dvherman at> wrote:

> Attached is the HTML report output from Adv Portfolio.  I first noticed
> that the report on my personal data did not match the report from
> 1.8.12.  I assumed that basis would the the cost of all the share
> purchased - is that correct?

basis is the original cost of all shares purchase, less the original cost of all shares sold calculated either on a FIFO, FILO (LIFO?) or Average method. There is definitely a problem here. It is indeed counting the basis twice and I believe it is because of the dividend reinvestment transaction. When I take that out, it accurately reports the basis. the work-around is to split up the dividend into two transactions. one for the income and one for the stock purchase and use a seperate account to flow money in and out of for this purpose. meanwhile, I'll crack it open and see what I can figure out about making that behave properly.

> I've attached a test dataset, I was working on some examples for the
> documentation for 2.x.  The account with the problem is "General
> Motors" (no pun intended). I've left all the relevant reports open so
> you can see what I noticed.

There are actually several of your test accounts that don't work quite right in this report. for ex. Amazon reports a negative basis with 0 shares. that's not right by any stretch of the imagination. another one to look into ;).

thanks for testing this.


> All this is made up data, have fun !!
> Thanks and if I can assist in any way contact me.
> Dave
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