multi-currency issue

Bengt Thuree bengt at
Tue Mar 21 00:09:41 EST 2006

On Tue, 2006-03-21 at 12:16 +0800, Wouter van Marle wrote:

> Check.
> I got this when making a split from HKD and then part to USD funds and
> part to EUR funds. The way to get the exchange rate interface is when
> entering the split, to right click on that transaction, and then click
> "edit exchange rate". That will bring up the exchange rate interface,
> with the (usually correct!) exchange rate set. Just clicking OK seems to
> do the job fine.
> I have to say I haven't tested the effect of later changing the exchange
> rates on the total asset value!

Ok, I got it on 1.9.2....
So there is still some hope this will work before 2.0 I hope.
Or at least a simple and good workaround :)


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