multi-currency issue

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Mar 21 13:40:15 EST 2006

Wouter van Marle <wouter at> writes:

> The workaround:
> 1) make transaction from bank account to "EUR funds" asset account,
> converting HKD units to EUR units.
> 2) make transaction from "EUR funds" asset account to the the Fund 1
> mutual fund account, converting EUR units to "Fund 1" units.
> Now it works fine: change the EUR exchange rate, my asset value changes.
> Change the fund price (in EUR), the asset value changes with it.

Another workaround is to open your EUR asset account and create the
transaction there..  You need to enter it in full split mode, not in
the basic register mode.  The transaction common-currency will be EUR.

You'll need to enter the HKD->EUR exchange rate, and then the
EUR-><stock> stock price.

The "bug" here is that there is no way to "see" the actual transaction
common-currency anywhere in the UI.

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