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Mon Mar 27 19:31:40 EST 2006

  Derek Atkins <warlord at MIT.EDU>,
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DA> Quoting Robert Heller <heller at>:
DA> > DA> 1.9.x wont work on RHEL3.   It will work on RHEL4.
DA> >
DA> > Will GnuCash 2.x work on RHEL3?  It looks like I will (finally) get all
DA> > of my machines up to RHEL 3 (via WBL 3.0) by the time GnuCash 2.0 comes
DA> > out.  I really don't want to upgrade to RHEL4 at this time (or anytime
DA> > soon).
DA> No.
DA> FC3/RHEL4 is our target base platform.  Anything older than FC3/RHEL4
DA> doesn't have new-enough dependencies.  RHEL4 was released over a year
DA> ago.  There's little reason not to use it.  There's certainly no reason
DA> to be installing RHEL3 on anything new today.

None of my machines are 'new'...  Most are old: a P133 laptop, a couple of K6-500
desktop boxes. An old PIII server.  As it is one of my machines will
continue to run RH 6.1 until it dies (it is a '486).

I guess I will be using gnucash 1.8.x for awhile, probably long after
gnucash 2.x comes out...

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