Newbie few item questions

Tuc at Beach House tuc at
Fri Mar 31 14:13:11 EST 2006


	I'm trying to use GnuCash 1.8.12 from the FreeBSD ports (Only change
is that I set libltdl_cv_sys_dlopen_deplibs to "yes" before compile, this way
it takes 12 seconds to start up, not 6 minutes) as a replacement for
QuickBooks. There is a really great guy, Steven Lawrance, that has a program
to convert GnuCash to QIF ( My accountant
imports into Quicken, then on to QuickBooks. Steven is looking at going
straight to IIF for QB.

	I'm running into a few things and would like to know how to handle

	1) I started entering information on a Business/Vendor/New Bill
and found I totally stuffed it up. I was able to delete the line items,
but how do I remove the invoice itself? Its unposted with no line items.

	2) When I went to go look at a payment I entered, it seemed to be
showing as a split for 19.20 and 19.20 making a $38.40 payment. However,
I'm fairly sure I put it in as 156.59 without any payment splits. Where /
what / how did this appear?

	3) To resolve #2, I went into the Cash Account, found the line item
and just deleted it. I went back to the payments for bills, found the bill
and paid the bill in full. NOW I have 2 line items that show in my 
Accounts Payable as "Automatic Payment Forward" for 19.20, another for -19.20,
the original incorrect payment with the check number is showing as -19.20 and
there is an entry for $137.39. But there is nothing about the 156.59 that
I entered... What the? If I do a Vendor search, then show bills, the "paid"
column is not checked. When I go back to the Assets:Current Assets:Cash
in Wallet and look at the payment, it now shows it was split into 19.20,
137.39 in my "Liabilities:Accts Payable". Why? I didn't split it when I
put it in. Infact I don't know how to split it when I enter it.

	4) Is there a way to print a report that would be 


Date	Reference	Type	Amount

	So I can see in one place all the bills and associated payments
for each vendor? 

	5) Speaking of reports, unfortunately I'm not able to program
in the report language... Is there anyone who's made an "addition pack"
of reports possibly?

	Is there some procedure or practice I might not be following
properly? It seems to be modifying transactions as I put them in.



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