Question on setting date range for matching transactions from QFX files

Steve Sargent gs_sarge at
Sun Mar 12 18:56:42 EST 2006


I'm trying to figure out how to extend the range for matching transactions in 
the 'Generic Import Transaction Matcher' screen.  I have a particular check 
that is always missed by the matcher due to the difference in days between 
when it was sent and when it was deposited.  This check is almost always sent 
on the first of the month.  However, the person it goes to usually takes a 
few weeks to get it deposited.  Because of this, each time the transactions 
from my bank are imported, this particular check does not get recognized.  
I've tested this by changing the date recorded in GnuCash and re-importing.  
If the date is within about a week, it gets picked up.  Is there a file to be 
edited that can extend the matching date?

Thank you.


Version of GnuCash:
Version 1.8.10-12,
Installed from file

Running on Debian/GNU/Linux
Linux 2.4.27-2

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