transactions sorted by account

TyrusMaynard mayn at
Mon Mar 13 01:34:58 EST 2006

    Thanks for Gnucash 1.8.10 running on Ubuntu installed with synaptic.

Problem 1
   I find that the Transaction report has not been working. There is no 
Transaction item on the Report menu, except there is a Transaction report under 
"Custom" which cause Gnucash to crash without any message or bug dialog . When 
Report>Custom>Transaction is selected, the crash takes about 30 seconds  before 
Gnucash disappears.

Problem 2
   As another method I would like to simply print transactions for given account 
as they appear on the account register . I  would like to print one checking 
account  for an entire year with the transactions sorted by the "Transfer" 
column  (which consists mainly of various Expense account categories).

    My approach to this is
* select the checking account and view its "Register" in Basicledger Style

* use  View>Sort> ....but I am offered 10 Sort variables none of which 
correspond to  the Column "Transfer"  which contains the named Account that is 
interacting with Checking for each given Transaction.
  HOw is it that such an important field cannot be selected for sort?   Is there 
a way to have that field added for sorting?    The Report function for a given 
Check Register seems to work fine.

   I have found building chart of accounts and the recording of transactions to 
be very efficient,  but ..... after that optimistic labor I'm stuck in getting 
the reports as transactions sorted by account....hoping for guidance on each of 
these 2 problem outcomes.


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