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Beth Leonard beth at
Mon Mar 13 03:27:13 EST 2006

On Mon, Mar 13, 2006 at 01:34:58AM -0500, TyrusMaynard wrote:
> Problem 1
>   I find that the Transaction report has not been working. There is no 
> Transaction item on the Report menu, except there is a Transaction report 
> under "Custom" which cause Gnucash to crash without any message or bug 
> dialog . When Report>Custom>Transaction is selected, the crash takes about 
> 30 seconds  before Gnucash disappears.

You either accidently or on purpose clicked the "save report" button
when your transaction report was showing, saving a report with the
same name as an existing report.  This is a known bug.  To fix it
look here:
If you do have any reports saved that you want to keep, you'll have
to fix up that file by hand instead.

> Problem 2
>   As another method I would like to simply print transactions for given 
>   account as they appear on the account register . I  would like to print one 
> checking account  for an entire year with the transactions sorted by the 
> "Transfer" column  (which consists mainly of various Expense account 
> categories).

I'm not as sure about problem number 2.  It likely doesn't let you
sort on transfer accounts because if you have a split transaction
the transfer account is undefined.  If you want transaction reports
for each of those transfer accounts, you'll use the transaction
report after working around that bug (as you already guessed)

Once you've selected which accounts you want with the "options" button
to the transaction report, "accounts" tab, then also change the
name of the report in the "general" tab to something other than
"Transaction Report".  i.e. "2005 transactions".  Now if you want
that report with those accounts selected and your special date range,
etc. so you can open it again without having to change the options, then 
click the "save report" button and it will show up under custom reports
(as already noted).

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