sorting account Register on Transfer/account column

TyrusMaynard mayn at
Mon Mar 13 11:01:48 EST 2006

    I am still a gnucash newbie and here is a concern about the limitation on 
how one can review transactions in Edit mode (which means an interactive 
"Register" of transactions.
  Apology for the voodoo of accounting or also the common enough miscoding of a 
transaction ....but.... wouldn't it be  nice to be able to be in edit mode 
rather than "Report" mode when examining transactions sorted by accounts.  The 
end of a whole financial year is often when this happens.
   I realize that each account can have its transactions edited by opening a 
separate "REgister" for each account"..that's a lot of windows.  There is also a 
way to open all subaccounts into a pooled Register ...but that is Read Only (I 
    I would like to be able to both review AND EDIT across all accounts
BUT sorted by those same accounts.  Let me also point out that it is not 
uncommon for an Expense transaction to be reassigned to another "type" of 
account such as "Asset", so why not be able to view the entire range of accounts 
on a pooled Register.
Is there a way to get to such a pooled Register that is interactive?

     I have tried to obtain such behavior by using the "Register" of a big 
clearinghouse account such as Checking (which tends to have a dominant double 
entry participation in most transactions with other accounts).
   Below I have copied my description of that problem from  another thread  and 
Beth's reasoning for the problem. Although my description refers to "printing" 
please consider the  problem for its fundamental behavior in an interactive 
"Register" (an editing interface)
    This seems to me to be a shortcoming by design. Do other's have an 
explanation for this design?   or a work around?


 >Problem 2
 >>   As another method I would like to simply print transactions for given
 >>   account as they appear on the account register . I  would like to print one
 >> checking account  for an entire year with the transactions sorted by the
 >> "Transfer" column  (which consists mainly of various Expense account
 >> categories).

  Beth surmised the following:
I'm not as sure about problem number 2.  It likely doesn't let you
sort on transfer accounts because if you have a split transaction
the transfer account is undefined.  If you want transaction reports
for each of those transfer accounts, you'll use the transaction
report after working around that bug (as you already guessed)

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