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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri May 5 08:48:23 EDT 2006

David Hampton <hampton-gnucash at> writes:

> Here's a comment about the QIF format from the source tree:
>   The QIF is an old and rather broken file format defined by Intuit
>   for exporting Quicken data.  It is 'broken' because the format
>   is ambiguous in many places, non-standard between different releases
>   and applications, and even varies subtly from country to country (in
>   particular, the way dates and amounts are represented), and fails
>   to define important data (such as the currency denomination, or the 
>   exchange rates when transferring between accounts marked in different
>   currencies).  Importing a QIF file can require significant manual
>   intervention by the user in order to get the data straight.
> Yours is the first QIF file I've seen that used parentheses to denote
> negative numbers instead of a minus sign.  Yet another way that QIF is
> inconsistent in the way it represents data.

QIF also fails to declare the string-encoding method..  If your bank
uses ISO and you are using UTF8 and you have non-ascii
strings.... You'll have bogus data.   *sigh*

> David


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