Josh Sled jsled at
Wed May 24 08:10:37 EDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-05-24 at 14:58 +0300, Stratos Laspas wrote:
> transactions module works just fine, but I was wondering if it is
> possible to have the transactions entered for all the the time periods
> at once (each one in its scheduled time), instead of having them entered
> month after month, according to schedule. This way, I would be able to

The Mortgage and Loan Druid is just a convenience over creating the set
of scheduled transactions needed; once you've created the SXes in the
mortgage and loan druid, you can open them in the Editor, and change the
"[number of days to] create in advance" setting sufficiently large to
create all (or some, say, just the next year's worth) of transactions.
Trigger the "Since Last Run..." dialog to actually affect the creation.

Once created, however, there is currently no way to bulk-delete those
transactions (though the data model has sufficient information to
support this).

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