Getting off-screen windows onscreen?

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Wed May 24 12:25:56 EDT 2006

  fredex <fredex at>,
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f> On Wed, May 24, 2006 at 10:27:09AM -0400, Adam Rosi-Kessel wrote:
f> > Kevin Broderick wrote:
f> > > Perhaps I'm overlooking something, but is there any way to get a "Find
f> > > Customer" or "Find Vendor" window that has appeared above the top of my
f> > > screen to move into the middle of it?  I can't get to the title bar with
f> > > the mouse (as it's above top of the screen), and I'm not coming up with
f> > > any other ways to reposition the window.
f> > > 
f> > > This is with 1.9.5 based on r13991 running under XDarwin on OS X 10.4. 
f> > > If the repeated appearance of off-screen windows should be filed as a
f> > > bug, I'd be happy to do that; for the moment, though, I'd be even
f> > > happier to get them on screen so I can use them.
f> > 
f> > I get this kind of problem a lot with Gnucash and just use the keyboard
f> > shortcut to maximize the window, which brings the entire window contents
f> > onto the screen. I don't know what the maximize key would be in the Window
f> > Manager for XDarwin, but I expect there is such a key.
f> On all Linux desktops I've ever used you can place the mouse pointer
f> anywhere within a window, hold down the ALT key then move the window
f> to where you want it by depressing the left mouse button and dragging.

This depends on the Window Manager (and its settings).  With *my* fvwm
settings, this does not work.  Instead middle button on the root window
pops up a menu of window ops.  One of the operations is 'Move' --
selecting this you can then grab any window (anywhere on the window) and
move it.

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