Feature request

Ben Pracht bpracht at nc.rr.com
Thu May 25 00:27:02 EDT 2006

Feature Request:
I'd like the ability to have GnuCash save every transaction after it's 
completed.  It can be an option disabled by default.

I've just entered I don't know how many transactions, and I suddenly got 
some sort of crash, followed by the submit bug report dialog.  Now I 
lost I don't know how many transactions.  This is extremely irritating.  
How am I supposed to know what got entered and saved and what  did not?  
I really don't care how extreme this is, it's extremely irritating  when 
crashes happen,  and since they cannot be avoided,  GnuCash  ought to 
not trust itself  until the next user save. 

I'm using GnuCash 1.8.11. 

Ben Pracht

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