How to import XML file to Gnucash?

Bengt Thuree bengt at
Sun May 28 23:12:33 EDT 2006

On Må, 2006-05-29, 11:40, Vel skrev:
> Please help. Im new to Linux in general and in Gnucash in particular.
> I am already comfortable using Gnucash 1.18.  As a former Windows user, I
> have lots of records (equivalent to 3 years of records to be exact) in MS
> Excel.  I would like to import these records to Gnucash. The columns of my
> Excel file is identical to the columns of the "Cash Account" register of
> Gnucash.  However, I dont know how to convert my Excel file to QIF, the
> format that can be imported by Gnucash. Knowing that Gnucash stores its
> data
> in XML format, I exported my Excel file to XML.   A section of my XML file
> is listed below:


I am sorry to say that I think your only chance is to convert your EXCEL
sheet to QIF file.
You could use google
or perhaps directly check this link

I have not tried any of the tools, but for sure GnuCash will not simply
use your XML file as its datafile. To many other things are in it that
needs to be correlated.

For instance, you could create a few transactions in GnuCash and then open
the XML file (uncompress if needed) and look at it.

Good luck


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