Cheque printing.

Wouter van Marle wouter at
Tue May 30 10:05:45 EDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-05-30 at 10:01 -0400, David Reiser wrote:
> On May 30, 2006, at 9:41 AM, Wouter van Marle wrote:
> > Thanks for the pointer; I'm going to try this when I'm back in office
> > this Thursday.
> >
> > In a related matter: my cheques have two lines for the amount in  
> > words.
> > Is it possible to wrap around to the second line? Often amounts are so
> > complex (my trial cheque was $7998.10) that it doesn't fit on one  
> > line.
> I don't know the answer to that one. And changing fonts to a smaller  
> size is a non-trivial exercise.

... not to mention the issues of readability. I consider the current
default font small enough; and as the second line is longer than the
first line that's not the best way to win space! 
And now to start printing the amount on the second line is also not that
great an idea I'd say - then still things can be added to the beginning
of the number by fraudsters...

And how about printing an asterisk (*) or two at the beginning of the
numbers? I've seen that quite frequently on printed cheques. An easy and
effective way of preventing additions to the number.

I think I'll have to open a bug for this.


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