A place for new bills...

Jason jason at cougarcorp.net
Fri Oct 6 00:39:56 EDT 2006

r3al1tych3ck wrote:
> One last thought...  What if you are receiving things electronically?
> Maybe you automatically pay, maybe you don't.  Where does the incoming
> go?  (Thinking ahead here a little).

GNUCash doesn't care where it comes from. All it cares about, really, is
transactions between one or multiple accounts. So, from that point of
view, an 'electronic' bill is no different than a paper bill in the way
it is entered and/or handled by GNUCash.

Now, if you have automatic bills, you can set up recurring events.
GNUCash can prompt you when it 'creates' a recurring event so you can
tweak it as necessary. Otherwise, just enter one-off bills as needed.

I've not played around with any of the bank interfacing components of
GNUCash, which may or may not be of use in that instance.


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