A place for new bills...

Mark Johnson mrj001 at shaw.ca
Thu Oct 5 22:36:18 EDT 2006

r3al1tych3ck wrote:

>I was wondering about entering bills as I received them.  Would a good
>way to do this be something like setting up an "Unpaid Bills" liability
It might not be the way you want to do it, but, personally, when I get 
the bills, I pay them and enter them against my expenses.

Actually, for most bills, I have an estimate set up as a scheduled 
transaction.  It puts a payment in at the start of the month dated for 
the end of the month with the estimated amount.  These future-dated 
transactions show up below a blue line.  Once I pay the bill, I fix the 
date and amounts, and enter the transaction.

I do this to help estimate cash flow for the month.

Hope this helps,

>Thanks and thanks for the great GNU software!
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