multiple-currency problems

Jeremy Harris jgh at
Fri Oct 6 17:31:25 EDT 2006

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Quoting Jeremy Harris <jgh at>:
>> version: 2.0.0   r14475:14476
>> I have an account, type Bank with currency GBP -
>> according to Edit Account.  When I enter an
>> unbalancing split on a transaction, value first, it marks the
>> account for the split as "Orphan-USD" (and adds a corresponding
>> "Imbalance-USD" split also).
>> Why the USD?
> Becuase the Transaction's Common Currency is USD?  It sounds like you're
> editing an already-existing transaction, right?  In which account
> did you create this Transaction?  What's the Type and Commodity of
> /THAT/ account?

 > What's your Locale?  ($LANG)

Ah.  The transaction was created by an import from QIF, but
this assigned the splits to newly-created accounts due to name
conflicts (rather than using the names I'd wanted it to use).
And, at that time the default currency was USD - probably because
this relatively newly installed Fedora Core 5 has a $LANG
of "en_US.UTF-8".  Lord knows why; "C" would be fine for me
(and, goddammit, the US is *not* the whole world nor even a
reasonable default).

I shifted the splits into the wished-for accounts by changing
the account field.

So barring the refusal to import into the accounts I'd wished
for there probably isn't a problem - except that it would
have been nice to flag the moving of a split from an account
in one currency to one in a different currency.

Should I wipe that transaction and re-import with the corrected


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