multiple-currency problems

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat Oct 7 08:21:59 EDT 2006

Jeremy Harris <jgh at> writes:

> Ah.  The transaction was created by an import from QIF, but
> this assigned the splits to newly-created accounts due to name
> conflicts (rather than using the names I'd wanted it to use).
> And, at that time the default currency was USD - probably because
> this relatively newly installed Fedora Core 5 has a $LANG
> of "en_US.UTF-8".  Lord knows why; "C" would be fine for me
> (and, goddammit, the US is *not* the whole world nor even a
> reasonable default).

At the end of the QIF import process it asks you for your currency.
You should have answered correctly.

> I shifted the splits into the wished-for accounts by changing
> the account field.

That's fine.

> So barring the refusal to import into the accounts I'd wished
> for there probably isn't a problem - except that it would
> have been nice to flag the moving of a split from an account
> in one currency to one in a different currency.

Yeah, such a warning might be reasonable, because then the
exchange-rate might be needed, too.  In fact, in my original code it
checked that, too...  But due to the multi-path problem it doesn't
always check anymore.

> Should I wipe that transaction and re-import with the corrected
> currency?

That might help.  And in fact that might explain why it wouldn't use
the existing accounts.  The currency has to match.

> Thanks,
>     Jeremy


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