how to use Find

Arkadi Gelfond arkadi at
Tue Oct 10 16:56:06 EDT 2006

--------------------------  This is from the Help
----------------------------------- Find Transactions

There are four selections in the Type of Search pane. When a new
search is started only the New Search button is selectable. The other
buttons become selectable only when the Search Results register window
is visible.

    *                    New Search: Perform a new transaction search

    *                    Refine current search: Search within the
results of the previous search.
--------------------------  This is from the Help

In my experience I could never get to a Find-window where "the other
buttons become selectable", that is,
- I'm clicking 'Find' in the Find-window
- get a Result-tab
- the Find-window disappears
- do Cntrl-F
- get Find-window with only New Search button selectable

What is wrong here?


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