Resend: Stock sale skews balance sheet by commission amount

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Oct 11 12:56:01 EDT 2006

I dont know.  That transaction looks right to me.  Are you sure
that the transaction currency is correct and that you didn't
get bitten by


TRunner <ttop123 at> writes:

> Just as a side note, I don't post questions here very often, but it  
> seems like most of the time when I do I never get a response the  
> first time and have to prod the list with a re-send.  Am I doing  
> something that's bad etiquette in my questions, or have I just been  
> unlucky?
> Original post:
> I'm not sure exactly what my mistake here is, but if someone can  
> point it out it would be very helpful.
> After this stock sale transaction, my balance sheet is off by $34  
> (I'm sure it's not coincidental that's the commission amount), but  
> the transaction itself balances, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
> Expense:Investment:Commission			buy 34.00
> Assets:Investments:brokerage				buy 3269.68
> Expense:Capital Loss						buy 713.32
> Assets:Investments:brokerage:fund              -580.612 shares @ 5.69	 
> sell 3303.68
> Assets:Investments:brokerage:fund  								sell 713.32

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