GNUCash and Canadian (Ontario) Mortgages

Mark Johnson mrj001 at
Wed Oct 11 22:18:51 EDT 2006

I almost hate to say it: RTFM (Read the fine mortgage :-)  (Sorry, 
couldn't resist.)

The way mine is written (Calgary, AB), the interest is added on every 
six months, and then my payments go against the total.  Unfortunately, I 
did not find my fine mortgage to be clearly written.  I had to spend an 
hour or two with a spreadsheet trying different scenarios for 
calculating the interest before I managed to get my interest calculation 
agreeing with their total (within <$1) of what the mortgage said I would 

I'm guessing from your post that your mortgage interest is calculated 
differently.  I suspect you may need to calculate it outside of gnucash 
too and manually enter it like I did.  Probably not the answer you were 
hoping for....


Jason wrote:

>I've just recently gotten myself my first mortgage. Yay. I think ;)
>I'm having problems getting GNUCash to properly recognize it. I have a
>statement here from the bank with all the info on it, but when I try to
>use it, GNUCash wants to make payments that are totally out of whack
>with what the bank says it should be.
>Has anyone else used GNUCash with a Canadian/Ontario mortgage? How did
>you make it work properly? Right now, I'm calling my bank every two
>weeks to ask how much of my payment went to principle vs. interest...
>I'd like to be able to do it independently of the bank!
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