Accounting Question

Crimson Corelio crimson.corelio at
Thu Oct 12 01:40:35 EDT 2006

Alright, here's the situation.

I'm paying for a hotel room on one of my credit cards.  This expense is a
business expense which I am going to be reimbursed for.  Now, ordinarily,
I'd just make this a transfer from the credit card Liability into an A/R
account and be done with it till I got paid.  And then make the payment a
transfer from the A/R account into my bank account.  But, I've got an
invoice system set up to generate invoices for all my consulting expenses
like this.  So, this also needs to end up as a line item in an invoice.  Now
invoices apparently can only credit payments to Income type accounts,
Liability Accounts, or Asset accounts (but not A/R asset accounts).  So I'm
kinda at a loss at how to do this correctly.

The Way I think it should work would be something like the following.

Liability:Credit Card --> A/R:Reimbursable -->Invoice which credits to the
A/R account --> which is posted to A/R:To Be Paid --> which then transfer to
Asset:Bank Account upon payment.

This way the money is always treated as an Asset, which is should be, but
also works in the invoice system.

Am I completely crazy and there is a better way to do this or should Gnucash
be able to do something like this and just can't?


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