Budgets and scheduled transactions

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 14:03:22 EDT 2006


I'm primarily interested in cash flow budgeting.  I have my accounts
all set up and I just read the help topic on budgets.  Is there
currently a reasonably efficient way to set up a cash flow budget in

I'd like to track my budget by the day for a 60-day period.  As as
example, if I buy a Coke every day for $1.50, I would need to enter
1.50 under expenses and 1.50 under assets 60 times each to have it
reflected in my budget right?

It seems like the budgeting process should be integrated with the
scheduled transactions.  That way I could schedule my Coke buys once
and then see it reflected in the budget.

Am I missing something?

- Grant

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