Config report graphics in 2.0.0

Thomas John Vitolo tjvitolo at
Mon Oct 16 10:49:20 EDT 2006

Good folks of gnucash:

I (finally!) installed gnucash 2.0.0 on my laptop; I still have 1.8.x on my
machine at home.  Both are installed using fink-commander on OS X.

I *love* the improvements in speed, and the "tabbed browsing".  There are a few
additional UI features I'm thrilled about.  I do have two questions though:

1.  How do I configure the colors of the pie charts so that they use the same
"color wheel" as the bar charts?  I often put bar (time charts) next to pie
(total expenses) charts, and matching colors would help me draw connections
between the two charts.

2.  How do I configure the pie charts so that the percent size of the slice is
also drawn on the chart?

Both of these behaviors are the default on my 1.8.x install, but I can't figure
out how to accomplish either on my 2.0.0 install.  Any help would be greatly

 - stomv

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