Selling stock & advanced portfolio bug

Christian Pfaffel-Janser flash at
Fri Oct 20 15:58:20 EDT 2006


I am using version 2.0.1 and I stumbled over the following problem. So
far, whenever I owned stocks and I sold them I did the accounting
according to the gnucash manual. But this time I only sold half of the
stocks I have owned. I put a screenshot of it under

But this resulted in a wrong balance Activa != Passiva + Equity. So
I figured maybe this is due to the fact that I did not account for the
unrealized gain on the rest of the stocks I own, so I added an entry
for unrealized gain.

shows it. The lines for the split transaction translate to

      Erloes -> Net Sale
      Spesen -> Commision
      Kursgewinn -> Profit
      Verkauf -> Gross Sale
      Gewinn -> Capital Gain
      Kursgewinn -> Unrealized Gain

This makes the balance sheet show correctly activa == passiva +
equity. I can live with that, although It would be nice to know if I
have to do it that way, since I am not an accounting expert. But the
thing which is not so fine is the advanced portfolio report.

shows the screenshot. Any help/note is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,


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