minor gnucash 2.0 irritation

Philippe A. futhark77 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 09:53:10 EST 2006

I have started using gnucash 2.0 yesterday. Here are two things that gave me
a little trouble.

   - When my data got imported, gnucash assumed the currency to use for
   all my accounts was USD because it is my user's locale. That may seem very
   obvious to all of you indeed. But the truth is my accounts are in CAD
   currency. I think I would be nice that when gnucash imports the data, it
   also asks what default currency to use for accounts and reports. This option
   already exists in the preferences, and this is how I solved this problem.

   - Typed amounts are now assumed to be CENTS until the separator is
   found. To enter a charge of say 12$, I now have to type "12.00". In
   gnucash 1.8, typing "12" was sufficient. Am I the only one to be
   annoyed with that?

Should I bother submitting feature requests?

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