minor gnucash 2.0 irritation

Maf. King maf at chilwell.net
Mon Oct 30 05:03:51 EST 2006

On Monday 30 October 2006 08:48, Andy Gimblett wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 29, 2006 at 08:03:58PM -0800, Dawning Sky wrote:
> > I think this is the expected behavior, just like when you use an
> > ATM.  Not sure about other countries, but in the US, if you want to
> > withdraw or deposit, say $60.00, you'll have to key in 6000.
> Wow.  That's amazing.  So, do your ATMs also dispense cents?  You
> could ask for 60.01?  Or 60.50?
> In the UK, I've never seen an ATM which dispensed anything other than
> notes.  The smallest denomination note we have is 5 pounds.  ATMs
> which dispense 5s are increasingly rare, so usually you just enter a
> multiple of 10.  60 would be entered as just 60.  (Actually, usually I
> just hit the shortcut button for 10 pounds or 20, since that's usually
> what I want.)

Hi Andy,

Whilst I agree that I tend to use the shortcuts for withdrawals, the last time 
I made a deposit at a Royal Bank of Scotland ATM, entering the currency 
worked as described above, with significant digits going through pence into 


> So from my POV, having to explicitly enter a decimal point to start
> entering pennies is exactly the behaviour I'd expect.
> Just my 0.02 UKP ;-)
> -Andy

Maf. King
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