generating reports takes minutes

Elizabeth Dodd edodd at
Mon Oct 30 15:20:50 EST 2006

On Tuesday 31 October 2006 04:58, Fred Schaer wrote:
>  It's like gnucash was
> processing all records for all years/months ...
> Any idea is welcome :)
> Fred

> >> Can I delete a few years data ? and how ?
> >>

There are those who archive data and start again for the next financial year. 
I timed one of my instances starting up, which is reading a 9.0MB file.
With 2 small custom reports, a liabilities over time graph and a cash flow it 
came to 24.31 sec.
Without cash flow18.51sec.
The processor is a Celeron 2300 I think.
so for me, using 1.8.12 it only take 6 sec to generate a cash flow report

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