Bulk adding of data to GnuCash

David W. Rankin Jr. drankin at bohemians.lexington.ky.us
Mon Oct 30 16:20:40 EST 2006

Part of a website I'm working on requires that I keep a database-backed
web interface where the customers can interact with their account, put
in orders, etc. Since a lot of this data will also be in GnuCash, I'm
stuck with maintaining two data sources. It would be very nice if I could
have the web interface maintain its database and generate batch code
(e.g. XML, command lines, etc.) that I could then process into GnuCash.

OFX might be enough, but I want to generate complete transactions (i.e.
customer gives me $100, $5 of which is profit, $2 shipping, $1.80 sales
tax, etc.) that can then just be shoved into GnuCash. From what little
I've read, OFX doesn't appear to be the answer.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here?


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