Couple of Questions

David T. sunfish62 at
Tue Oct 31 00:46:39 EST 2006

1) What does "Add Reversing Transaction" do on the Transaction menu for a
register? Help file has nothing.

2) I suspect that the account structure that got imported from Quicken is
overly complex. For example, it has a separate account for dividend earnings
for each stock and mutual fund I own or have ever owned. I am thinking about
merging all these separated accounts into a few (tax-related) accounts. I would
go from having Income:Dividends:Amazon, Income:Dividends:Microsoft ... etc. to
simply Income:Dividends:Taxable and Income:Dividends:Tax-Free. But before I go
ahead and do that, I thought I would check with others more experienced than I
in these matters to see whether there might be a good reason to keep all the
different accounts. Is there?

3) If I do go ahead and merge these transacttions together, is there a
re-categorize feature, so that I could move all my transactions at one time
without rekeying each transaction?


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