What happens to deleted asssets info?

JUNIPER snijuniper at comcast.net
Tue Oct 31 13:13:42 EST 2006

I take it, then, that deleting an asset would make a mess and shouldn't 
be done.
I am unable to locate "hide accounts". I've combed the possibilities, 
including all of the edit/preferences options, which seems the most 
likely. No sign of it. Could it be that it is not in 1.8.11?

Speaking of "preferences," I had "days to retain log files" set at 5 on 
August 8th and subsequently changed it to zero. All of the log files 
have apparently been retained since that date. It looks like manual 
deletion is the only option.

While I'm on a roll here... When I hit "reports" and move to "custom 
reports," nothing happens. A feature added in later version?

Very appreciatively,

Steve J

Derek Atkins wrote:

> There's an option to ignore/hide accounts with zero balance..  Turn
> it on.
> -derek
> Quoting JUNIPER <snijuniper at comcast.net>:
>>    I've been using GnuCash long enough now that I've accumulated a
>> number of assets I've sold or accounts I've closed which are starting to
>> clutter up the screen. If I were to, say, delete the car or CD I sold,
>> what happens to the underlying transactions? Although I no longer have
>> the asset, I might still want to know about the profit/loss, insurance
>> paid, etc. I'm afraid to just delete without understanding this.
>>    Steve J
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