How do I credit multiple invoices paid as a single check?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Oct 31 17:37:03 EST 2006

Quoting Jim Lynch <jimlynch1 at>:

> My customer sometimes waits for multiple invoices before he pays and then
> sends me a single check.  If I "process payment" and enter the amount of the
> invoice, then I end up with multiple transactions in the check register
> rather than a single deposit, which is confusing.  If I enter the amount of
> the deposit in the  invoice payment window, then the rest of the invoices
> don't show paid.
> Can I do anything about this?

Um, I don't believe you on the second part.  GnuCash certainly supports
paying multiple invoices from a single Process Payment.  Process Payment
for the amount of the check and gnucash will apply the payments to the
customer's invoices in a FIFO.

> Thanks,
> Jim.


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