How do I credit multiple invoices paid as a single check?

Andrew Greig algreig at
Tue Oct 31 19:20:43 EST 2006

On Tue, 2006-10-31 at 17:37 -0500, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Quoting Jim Lynch <jimlynch1 at>:
> > My customer sometimes waits for multiple invoices before he pays and then
> > sends me a single check.  If I "process payment" and enter the amount of the
> > invoice, then I end up with multiple transactions in the check register
> > rather than a single deposit, which is confusing.  If I enter the amount of
> > the deposit in the  invoice payment window, then the rest of the invoices
> > don't show paid.
> >
> > Can I do anything about this?
> Um, I don't believe you on the second part.  GnuCash certainly supports
> paying multiple invoices from a single Process Payment.  Process Payment
> for the amount of the check and gnucash will apply the payments to the
> customer's invoices in a FIFO.
> > Thanks,
> > Jim.
> -derek
Hi Jim,

IANAA, and a very basic user at that, but perhaps if you do not apply
the payment for multiple invoices to the earliest invoice on the list,
you may encounter the difficulties you describe.  By applying the
payment to the first one, gc will fix the rest up in order, as Derek has
said.  Works for me

Andrew Greig
Community Distributor 
Melbourne, Australia  

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