How to automate data importing on Mac

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri May 4 09:39:23 EDT 2007

Vladimir Weinstein <weivsara at> writes:

> Hi,
> I'm guessing people have already figured this one out -
> I have accounts at 3 financial institutions that I import to GC on a  
> regular basis (1 to 2 times a week). One of those institutions holds  
> 3 accounts. So my routine on a Mac is to visit every site, download  
> OFX data, and then from GC do file->import->OFX 4 to 6 times.  
> Afterwards I delete downloaded files.
> This work is not too bad. However, on Windows + MS Money I was able  
> to define MS Money as a handler for OFX files and it would  
> automatically open and import my stuff. I never used 'Online banking'  
> features of MS Money because banks tend to like to charge for that.
> Is there a reasonable way to shorten and/or simplify this procedure?

Yes, it's called "OFX Direct Connect" and it's available
in GnuCash 2.0 and above with modern AqBanking and LibOFX support.


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