Upgrading in Ubuntu

Tommy Trussell tommy.trussell at gmail.com
Wed May 9 15:39:21 EDT 2007

[this copy to the list]

I asked on the Ubuntu Users list what it took to get into Ubuntu
Backports. I was pointed to
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BackportRequestProcess  and from my reading
the fixes to GnuCash fall under the following provision:

SO (again from my reading) as long as updates to a package don't
affect anything in the main release (no changes to the standard
libraries, etc.) AND the package does not conflict with any past,
present or future version of the package (different version numbers I
presume) it sounds like it should be fairly easy to get a Universe
package updated. It just requires several maintainers to verify that
the new package works for them.

I would suggest that both the Edgy and Feisty releases need this
attention, for the reasons I stated in my previous post.

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