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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun May 13 16:48:21 EDT 2007


Steve Kelem <steve at> writes:

> (Nope. No freedom to move, only not to invest.)
> So....I've tried to add a fudge amount in one of my commodities so that I can reconcile that (sub)account. Gnucash keeps changing the commodity price.
> The transaction is entered as:
> 				Shares Price	Buy	Sell
> <date> Fudge ING Stock fund 	0.001		0.001
> 	Assets:Invest:...	0.001	9.65449	0.01
> 	Equity:Opening Balances			0.01
> When I'm entering the transaction, GC enters default shares, price, and Buy amounts.  I type over the #shares and price. Then GC asks which column I want to adjust. The choices are Shares, Price, and Value.  I want to change Buy, so I select Value.  The transaction then is changed to look like:
> <date> Fudge ING Stock fund 	0.001		0.001
> 	Assets:Invest:..:A468	0.001	10	0.01
> 	Equity:Opening Balances			0.01
> 	Orphan-USD
> 					1		0.02
> 					1
> I've tried changing the price to 9.65449, but GC keeps changing it back to 10.
> Any idea why I can't enter the correct price?
> Also, what are the extra lines at the end of the transaction?
> Thanks,
> Steve

As I've said before, the "price" isn't stored, it's computed.  Due
to the rounding when it divides 0.001 shares into $0.01 it gets
a price of $10/share.    You can safely ignore the price because
it just wont really affect anything in the long term.

The extra lines are because you have the "Equity:Opening Balance"
split on the wrong side of the transaction, so gnucash is trying
to balance the transaction for you.


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