print problem

Elizabeth Dodd edodd at
Sat May 19 20:33:21 EDT 2007

maybe even a bug
in 2.0.1 and 2.0.5 (built from r15617 on 2007-05-15) gentoo ebuild

basically the font for printing is too big and the right hand edge is off the 
this is what I did
go to account, select date range.
then go to reports
account report

now export to html works fine - i get the balance on the page
but print to pdf or to ps leave off the right hand edge

if i do this with a small file i don't have trouble - i made a test run of a 
few transactions and couldn't fault it
but on the five page report I'd like to send electronically to the accountant 
the balance is cut in half
(no, the accountant hasn't coped with gnucash-live)

I am willing to send private copies of the 56Kb html and 268Kb pdf and 240Kb 
ps files


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