Cost of good tracking, lots, tigers, and bears, oh my!

Max Hyre max at
Sat May 26 22:18:58 EDT 2007


   Bear with me, I'm making this up as I go along...

   I'm trading on Ebay, and would like to keep track of income and
expenses related to a single item.

   Right now I just have a bunch of transactions dealing with,
variously:  Ebay listing fees, payments (broken into amount bid and
calculated S&H), actual shipping (postage, insurance, & tracking),
Paypal fees, and Ebay final-value fees.

   What I'd like is a report gathering together in one place all the
transactions for one widget, so I can see how I did on that particular
sale (or no sale---I've still got expenses for it).  I suppose I could
create an account for every widget, but that way madness lies.

   My casting about the mailing lists, documentation, Google, &c.
suggests that ``lots'' are a (the?) way to go, but all I can really find
is that lots have been broken, may have been fixed,  and that there is

	Actions > View Lots

dialogue, but I can't find out how to create lots to view.

   My needs are few:

	Q1:  Will lots do what I want?
	Q2:  If so, are lots working in 2.0.5 (the version
	     I'm running)?, and
	Q3:  If so, how do I use them?

   Many thanks for any information you can send my way, even if it's
``that contraption will never fly!''

	    Best wishes,

	    	 Max Hyre

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