Cost of good tracking, lots, tigers, and bears, oh my!

Josh Sled jsled at
Mon May 28 12:06:25 EDT 2007

Max Hyre <max at> writes:

>    What I'd like is a report gathering together in one place all the
> transactions for one widget, so I can see how I did on that particular
> sale (or no sale---I've still got expenses for it).  I suppose I could
> create an account for every widget, but that way madness lies.

It sounds like you want a report. I'd recommend using some convention for the
description of the transactions that ties them all together.  I'd guess
there's some E-Bay item id that's suitable; maybe the convention is to have
"[item:12345]" at the start of all the transactions.  Then, at least there's
a way to search or filter the transactions for the subset that are relevant.

As for the report itself, I'm not sure that an existing one is quite right,
though I didn't really look through them.  Writing a custom report is
non-trivial but quite possible.
See <>.

> 	Q1:  Will lots do what I want?

Not really.  Lots are more about transacted groups of commodities ... the 100
shares of stock bought 2 years ago at $50 vs. the 50 shares bought yesterday
at $51.

> 	Q2:  If so, are lots working in 2.0.5 (the version
> 	     I'm running)?, and

No really, no.  It's my understanding that lots are created implicitly in
some circumstances, and viewable in that dialog, but not fully integrated.

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