Different dates for splits of a transaction

Maf. King maf at chilwell.net
Thu May 31 05:11:19 EDT 2007

On Thursday 31 May 2007, Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:
> Maybe a general/basic bookkeeping question, but I'd appreciate help on
> this one.
> Suppose I transfer money from my account at bank A to my account at
> bank B. It leaves A on 15 May, but arrives at B only 17 May. Gnucash
> has a date only for the overall transaction, all splits have the same
> date. How should I manage that situation? Putting 15 may is not right
> (it won't agree with my statements from B) and putting 17 may is not
> right either (it won't agree with my statements from A).
> Thanks in advance,

Hi Lionel,

What you could do is have a "transit" account, so you transfer from BankA -> 
Transit, and then, a few days later, you do Transit -> Bank B.  ( I guess it 
would be an asset type account)

Personally, it doesn't bother me if my idea of a date is a few days out from 
what the bank thinks.  I care more about the real and expected balances...(!)


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