Yahoo Europe quotes problem

David Reiser dbreiser at
Sat Nov 1 18:31:27 EDT 2008

On Nov 1, 2008, at 2:43 PM, Pete Phillips wrote:

> Hi
> I am trying to get automatic updates with gnucash for New Star  
> Technologies from Yahoo Europe.
> The following perl script gets the quote OK for me:
>  #!/usr/bin/perl -w
>  use Finance::Quote;
>  $q = Finance::Quote->new;
>  my %data = $q->fetch("europe", "GB0007018194GBP");
>  print "Price : ".$data{"GB0007018194GBP", "price"};
> which returns
>  Price : 712.82#
> However, in gnucash, with Symbol/Abbreviation GB0007018194GBP and  
> source
> set to Yahoo Europe I get:
> Unable to retrieve quotes for these items:
>  FUND:GB0007018194GBP
> I did pick up the debian package for libfinance-quote-perl (1.13-4)  
> as I
> read something on the mailing list about problems with Yahoo, but it
> doesn't seem to have made any difference.
> Any advice on where I can go next on this would be much appreciated!

Based on the response I've received from
I'd say that the newest finance-quote maintainer is interested in  
solving the problem. It might even happen in a week or two.

The patch I posted in that thread results in a supposedly valid quote  
for gnucash, but f-q isn't recognizing the GBp as pence, so the quote  
passed to gnucash is 100x the real value. I think a recent patch in f- 
q stomped on the logic in that handled that correctly in prior  
versions. But I haven't verified that yet.

David Reiser
dbreiser at

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